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Category: Criminal Defense

Can a Conviction be Expunged?

People convicted of crimes may be interested in determining if their conviction can be “expunged” after they have successfully carried out their sentence.[1] The answer depends on (1) how old the person was at the time the crime was committed, (2) what the person was convicted of and (3) whether or not the person requested, […]

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Your Right to Remain Silent

Everyone has heard that they have a “right to remain silent,” but in many, many cases people who come into contact with law enforcement under circumstances where they know (or suspect) they are being investigated for some type of wrong-doing, these same folks end up making statements to law enforcement officers anyway. And these same […]

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Punishment for Disorderly Conduct May Include Ban on Gun Ownership

Punishment for Disorderly Conduct in Wisconsin can Include a Ban on Owning or Possessing a Gun In Wisconsin, Disorderly Conduct is a class B misdemeanor which carries with it the potential for a fine of up to $1,000.00, together with a jail sentence not to exceed 90 days. However, there is another lesser known and […]

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