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December 2017 Worker’s Compensation Case Law Update

Once again, we bring to you a summary of some of the recent court opinions and administrative decisions regarding worker’s compensation claims. Please note that every case is unique and these updates may not apply to a claim you are handling. If you have questions about a claim, or if you want legal advice, please […]

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November 2017 Worker’s Compensation Law Update

Each month, Aplin & Ringsmuth attorneys will be providing this update which provides a glance at recent court opinions and administrative decisions. We will highlight trends in the law and identify issues that players in Wisconsin’s worker’s compensation system should be considering. Every case is unique, and these updates may not apply to a situation […]

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Court of Appeals Sides with Aplin & Ringsmuth Attorneys

By Atty. Ken J. Kucinski On July 18, 2017, the Court of Appeals of Wisconsin filed their opinion affirming the decision of the lower courts and denying the plaintiff’s claim for benefits arising out of an alleged mental stress injury. The plaintiff was employed as a police officer and alleged that the stress she experienced […]

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Can a Conviction be Expunged?

People convicted of crimes may be interested in determining if their conviction can be “expunged” after they have successfully carried out their sentence.[1] The answer depends on (1) how old the person was at the time the crime was committed, (2) what the person was convicted of and (3) whether or not the person requested, […]

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Your Right to Remain Silent

Everyone has heard that they have a “right to remain silent,” but in many, many cases people who come into contact with law enforcement under circumstances where they know (or suspect) they are being investigated for some type of wrong-doing, these same folks end up making statements to law enforcement officers anyway. And these same […]

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New OSHA Rule Affects Post-Accident Drug/Alcohol Testing

By Attorney Jennifer Augustin You may already be familiar with the rules that require some employers to track work-related injuries and illnesses in what is commonly referred to as an “OSHA log.” What you might not know is that, as of January 1, 2017, OSHA has revised these rules, and the revisions have implications for post-accident […]

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More Changes on The Way for Worker’s Compensation Claims in Wisconsin

By Attorney Jennifer Augustin Once again, there may be some big changes coming to worker’s compensation claims in Wisconsin; and once again they are coming from the Governor rather than the Worker’s Compensation Advisory Council. On February 8, 2017, the Governor submitted his 2017-2019 budget recommendations, which have been presented to the Legislature as Assembly Bill […]

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Governor Directs DWD to Incorporate Best Practices for Opioid Prescription into Work Comp Statutes

The abuse of opioid medications like oxycodone, hydrocodone, and methadone has been described as having reached epidemic levels in the State of Wisconsin. In September of 2016 Governor Scott Walker unveiled the creation of a “Task Force on Opioid Abuse,” with an aim to work toward reducing and reversing the current trend of opioid abuse […]

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Recent Wisconsin Court of Appeals Decision Highlights the Legal Cost of Regulation to Business in Wisconsin

by Attorney Peter Andrews Regulation can be a political football, and many Packerland businesses would like to see Mason Crosby kick the costs of it off of their balance sheet. Agencies tend to have established policies and practices which are not as flexible as businesses want or need. It is not uncommon for a small business […]

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Punishment for Disorderly Conduct May Include Ban on Gun Ownership

Punishment for Disorderly Conduct in Wisconsin can Include a Ban on Owning or Possessing a Gun In Wisconsin, Disorderly Conduct is a class B misdemeanor which carries with it the potential for a fine of up to $1,000.00, together with a jail sentence not to exceed 90 days. However, there is another lesser known and […]

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